Brawlhalla Colors V2, V3, V4, CCV1, CCV2 and Charged OG

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Get 10% Off on CCV1, CCV2, V2, V3, V4 and Charged OG

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Brawlhalla Weapons

Brawlhalla Weapons

Discover an unparalleled array of Brawlhalla weapons, each crafted for ultimate domination... 


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We offer highly secure Credit and Debit Card payments through Shopify's payment systems.

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Your codes will be sent via email upon completion of your order processing.

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For instant delivery items, the typical time frame is around 30 minutes. If you haven't received your codes by then, it may be due to timezone variations.

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Launch Game, Navigate to Store & Select codes. Redeeming codes on iOS devices is not supported; linking your account to a different platform is required for redeeming the codes.